“In the beginning, I was a bit sniffy about the book, well, I didn’t want to know much about groundhogs. But they are fascinating animals and I’m thrilled we read the book, it is wonderful and very visual. Lieve Snellings is a passionate photographer, so it has this lovely makes of real photographs, mixed with animations. It is as if groundhogs are talking to us about their lives. It is very funny, very charming, we learned a lot and we laughed a lot. We will read more of Lieve’s work, it’s just hilarious, but really informative as well. I have to say it is up there as one of the best non-fiction for children I’ve read. If kids have to do a topic for school and they could get access to get information as beautifully delivered like this, which is funny and easy to engage with, that would be wonderful.”

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Isn’t it heavenly to receive such a book review! It made my day.