Do you love animals, nature and children’s books?Then ‘GROUNDHOG  SECRETS – Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Woodchucks’ certainly is for you.

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Do you want to know more about the woodchuck? Then this book packed with information about groundhogs (who are also called woodchucks) is for you! Margot the woodchuck reveals all her secrets. She describes how groundhogs are born, what they look like and who is in their family. She talks about how they fill their tummies in summer and autumn, to store fat for the long winter months. Even medical doctors and scientists study the groundhog’s hibernation. Find out why in this fascinating illustrated book.

Children’s  non-fiction: 6 – 12 y
non-fiction, education, encyclopedias, animals, mammals
44 pg

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The English translation of the first Margot book: ‘Margot gets an unexpected visit’  is now available as e-book:

“While I was measuring the snow layer, and I suddenly found myself face to face with you, I really panicked,” said Lowieske. “You were staring at me! I was afraid you would bite me. Maybe you don’t like human children?”

A Surprising Story of a Surprising Friendship.

While walking in a field, two girls on vacation in Quebec meet Margot the groundhog. They quickly become friends, and they see each other several times a day. The girls discover that, just as in the human world, in the family of Margot there is also  great diversity.

“They share adventures and all the animals get new haircuts in  support of the Women’s World Cup Ice Hockey!”

This is the first book in the series ‘Nature in Quebec: Surprising Pictures of Astonishing Wildlife’. If you love nature and photos of animals and humour… YOU WILL CERTAINLY LOVE THIS BOOK in which all this is woven together in a fine children’s story.

Buy this book now so you can start enjoying. Reading it will soon put a smile on your face. Have fun!

Margot gets an unexpceted visit (2)

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