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 Margot Gets an Unexpected Visit

Margot gets an unexpected visit - 400dpi

Hook: A children’s tale where high quality nature photography meets up with friendship, diversity, fun, education and ice hockey

Blurb: As all groundhogs, Margot doesn’t like to have others around her. Certainly not humans. But is this also the case when she meets up with two little girls? You’ll find out in this book.
You will also enjoy the unique and touching photo-images of nature in Quebec, and an unpredictable anecdote on the special haircut for ice hockey fans.

Amazon smarturl:
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ISBN: 978-1532877650
Published: April 2016
40 pg
Format: e-book and paperback


Groundhog Secrets – Everything You Always wanted to Know about Woodchucks35277901.jpg

Hook: Discover the secret world of the groundhog through the eyes of Margot the woodchuck while gaining a close-up view of wildlife in whimsical photo illustrations.

Blurb: Do you want to know more about the woodchuck? Then this book packed with information about groundhogs (who are also called woodchucks), is for you! Margot the woodchuck reveals all her secrets. She describes how groundhogs are born, what they look like and who is in their family. She talks about how they fill their tummies in summer and autumn, to store fat for the long winter months. Even medical doctors and scientists study the groundhog hibernation. Find out why in this fascinating illustrated book.

Asin: B071Z35TDB
Amazon smarturl:
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ISBN: 978-1546813033
Published: June 2017
46 pg
Format: e-book and paperback


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