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Hurray, I won a Book Award

I am so happy that I won this Book Award, the same day I received two wonderful new book reviews for 'Time for Margot to Go to Bed' This is such a good day, don't you think so?

Groundhog Day is Approaching

If you know which books I have published, it will not surprise you that February 2 is a special day for me. For many Americans, February 2 is Groundhog Day. An old folk tradition says that if Phil the groundhog... Continue Reading →

Red Clover Reader’s Hangout with children’s Author Lieve Snellings

Lieve Snellings is the author of three award-winning children's books. She is a professional photographer who, outside of her children’s book series, focuses mostly on documentary and journalistic photography. Though she calls Belgium home, Lieve has spent almost half of... Continue Reading →

Book Launch Party ‘Time for Margot to Go to Bed’

You are welcome to join the Launch Party for Lieve Snellings' new book 'Time for Margot to Go to Bed'! October 26, at 11 am (New York/Quebec) - 4 pm (London) - 5 pm (Brussels) at the Facebook Author Page;... Continue Reading →

Voorstelling nieuw kinder-natuur-foto verhaal ‘Margot moet gaan slapen’

‘Hoe een onbekend dier sterallures krijgt voor kinderen.’ Relinde Baeten   Om dit te vieren zal vandaag en morgen, vrijdag 20 en zaterdag 21 september 2019, zal de e-book versie van het boek GRATIS zijn: Amazon Duitsland (hier kan je... Continue Reading →

Meet your next favorite author: Nancy Rose

I first heard of Nancy Rose when an American friend told me that his mother, who was in her eighties, adored two books she always read again and again. Those books were my 'Groundhog Secrets' and 'The Secret Life of... Continue Reading →

Margot Lanceer Team

The English translation of the book will be publish later! 'Margot moet gaan slapen', het splinter nieuw prentenboek, geïllustreerd met mijn natuurfoto's, is onderweg. Ik heb net een Facebook groep gemaakt waarvoor ik jou héél graag wil uitnodigen. 'Margot moet... Continue Reading →

2019 Readers’ Favorite Finalist in the ‘Children – Animals’ genre!

So happy that my first book 'Margot gets an unexpected visit' is a 2019 Readers' Favorite Finalist in the Children - Animals genre! To celebrate this: my book is for free today, September 2!

Meet your next favorite author: Tracy Kushwaha

Today I am happy to present you a courageous young author: Tracy Kushwaha. As long as she can remember, she wanted to be an author. But then drama hit her and, unfortunately, she got a brain tumor. But she never... Continue Reading →

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