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JEANNE LAMBRIANOU, August 22, 2017 + Goodreads – 5 stars
Found out some new things!
I had no idea that wood chucks could climb trees! I still don’t quite get how they store fat on a veggie diet. How do they locate each other if they are so solitary? I know I love watching mine, and really enjoyed this book. Thank you.


ELLEN L. BUIKEMA, August 12, 2017,, Goodreads and Readers Review Room – 5 stars
Wonderful Nonfiction Book with Delightful Photographs 
This is an excellent book, full of facts woven into Margot the Groundhog’s story. I enjoyed learning about groundhogs and truly loved the photography. I plan to recommend this book to school librarians as it will be a great addition to school libraries as well as home.


SHELBY PAUL, August 2, 2017 – 5 stars
Very informative book on woodland creatures
This book is full of interesting information that I didn’t know about groundhogs. I like how the author writes in 1st person as if the groundhog is talking about herself, and her kind. The author goes on to talk about the groundhog family; including squirrels and chipmunks. The images are beautiful and very eye-catching for young and old. This book is probably better for upper elementary age to lower middle school students and could be a good reference book for a school report on groundhogs with all the facts.


SARAH HAYSON, July 21, 2017 + Goodreads – 5 stars
Excellent non-fiction book! 
This is an excellent children’s book with many facts about the groundhog. It contains beautiful photographs on each page. My daughters enjoyed learning all about this intriguing animal! I highly recommend this for classrooms everywhere!


ASPEN WILLOW, July 20, 2017 – 5 stars
This is a book that children will love!
I am thoroughly impressed with this book! I am a second grade teacher and the students in my class loved reading about animals and this book would be a perfect addition to my classroom library! The pictures are amazing with so many cute additions and the way this author brought the plot forward is so cute! I have to say that this book is probably better than any of the scholastic animal books that I have seen in a while! Kudos to this author!


ADDI, July 6, 2017 – 4 stars
I read this on KU and thought it was charming. Lieve Snellings did tell us a lot of things and gave us a whole slew of funny, interesting pictures. Written in language kids will understand, she almost fulfilled her promise of telling everyone, including adults “everything you ever wanted to know about woodchucks.” But she didn’t answer the most vital question of all:
Maybe science hasn’t caught up! A lovely little read. Good job!



HELEN PRYKE, June 14, 2017, and Goodreads – 5 stars
A beautiful book
A beautiful book for children all about woodchucks with stunning photographs and lots of information, such as why they like salt so much, how they drink, and how their burrows underground are built. I can imagine this book being carefully preserved and passed from child to child, enchanting each one. Very well done to the author for an original, and interesting book.


LYNN BUSH, June 4, 2017 – 5 stars
Loved the pictures!
Loved the pictures and laughed at some of the edits to the pics. They were very cute and made me smile. There were cute little remarks along the way, and with along with that, it was very informative. Not boring, as we know how books that teach us can sometimes be, but very sweet. If you have a child that has a love of animals then this would be a good buy.


CYNTHIA COCKBURN, June 2, 2017 – 5 stars
Tops again!
Such an imaginative and endearing study! Once again this talented photographer and author, feminist and naturalist, Lieve Snellings has scored tops with this lovely children’s book. Don’t miss it!


LIZ KAHN, June 2, 2017 – 4 stars
It was a joy to read and the photos are a great compliment
Once again and lovely book that connects children to wildlife. It was a joy to read and the photos are a great compliment.


BYBLIO I AM, June 2, 2017 and – 4 stars
Cute and interesting book about groundhogs
Cute and interesting book about groundhogs. Anyone interested in them will love this book.


TANIA GIGUERE, June 2, 2017 and – 5 stars
An amazing adventure with Margot
Margot is cute and informative in this beautiful story on how groundhogs live and enjoy their world. Margot brings to life the magic that surrounds these magnificent creatures. A story for older children and adults but the pictures are fantastic for the young at heart. A story that parents can read to their kids and teach them at the same time.
I enjoyed every part of this story, and the children will also be very proud to say that they know Margot.


MACENZIE FLOHR, June 1, 2017 + Goodreads – 5 stars
A wonderful book on groundhogs
Groundhog Secrets: Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Woodchucks by Lieve Snellings is a fantastic illustrated children’s book about groundhogs. The pictures are stunning and the facts are very interesting. For example, I honestly had no idea that the groundhog was related to the squirrel or the chipmunk! I would definitely recommend this book to readers of animal lovers.


TARA THOMAS – SANDERSON, June 1, 2017 – 5 stars
Beautifully illustrated full of amazing facts. My kids loved this book. Fun to read and fun to learn!


SUSAN COUNT, June 1, 2017 – 4 stars
Superb Photographs
The photographs are the stars! They are superb. The fact filled, narrative is entertaining and I learned stuff. I was fascinated to find out that each hair of the ground hog is three colors.


STACY BEAHLER, June 1, 2017 and – 5 stars
And I think my grandkids will love learning more about how groundhogs live—it really teaches them 
Great for the grandkids 
I’ve been looking forward to this book ever since the first “Margot the Groundhog” story, and it was worth the wait! The pictures are cute and clever and really show all the details of how all the different animals look. Can’t wait to tell my grandkids there’s another Margot book, and I think my grandkids will love learning more about how groundhogs live—it really teaches them to respect nature.


MARIA HAYDEN, June 1, 2017 – 5 stars
I really enjoyed their story and loved the photographs
If you want to know all about Groundhogs then this children’s book is for you, told to you by the Groundhogs themselves using full colour photographic illustrations. A very handle little book for any school project. I loved it and discovered that there is even such a thing as a black squirrel! I always wondered about Groundhog Day too. I wonder if the scientists will manage to discover the secrets of their hibernation. Imagine operations without the need for anesthetic. Highly recommend this book to all curious minds.


SUE FINCH, June 1, 2017
A magical book 
Groundhog Secrets is a magical encyclopedia of curious and fascinating facts about groundhogs – illustrated with beautiful photos, and narrated by Margot (a groundhog). Who knew that the solitary groundhogs could shift 250 kg of earth in a week, making long underground tunnels with a bedroom and toilet? Or that they whistle to alert others of danger? This book by Lieve Snellings is a complete treat – another delight for fans of the
previous Margot books, and a delightful book that will make everyone who reads it feel better about life (even in these terrible times). A perfect gift for every child – and every adult!


RUTH HERRING, June 1, 2017 – 5 stars
Charming, funny, terrific photos, and interesting info
“ I love this charming (and funny!) book. It’s packed with terrific close-up photos of woodchucks (otherwise known as groundhogs) and tidbits of fascinating information to help you appreciate them and their families. I’m definitely going to share it with a child in my life. — Ruth ”


KIRSTY WHITLOCK, June 1, 2017 + Goodreads – 5 stars
A beautifully illustrated children’s book that talks about the Groundhog. 
A beautifully illustrated children’s book that talks about the Groundhog. Filled with intriguing facts about groundhogs and squirrels. Gorgeous illustrations and overall just lovely. Really enjoyed reading