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Picture books featured with full color nature photos

Meet your next favorite author: Andi Cann

For a long time, I searched for other picture books incorporating nature photography.  Can you imagine how excited I felt after finding Andi Cann’s picture books with close-up animal photos? I started with ‘What Makes a Bug a Bug?”  Then,... Continue Reading →


Meet your next favorite author: Diane Guntrip

I met Diane Guntrip on the Facebook 'BooksGoSocial Children's Books' group of which I moderate. Diane is a passionate author who loves to support and empower children who have encountered bullying. She has not only published two books but she... Continue Reading →

Meet your next favorite author: Eugenia Chu

I was lucky to meet Eugenia Chu in some of the Facebook Author Groups. Just as we saw, in earlier interviews, as Melissa-Sue John and Daisy Copelin did, Eugenia Chu decided to write herself the book she was looking for but couldn't find. Because... Continue Reading →

Meet your next favorite author: Bobbie Hinman

I am very happy to introduce you today to Bobbie Hinman. She is a Best Selling and Multi Award Winning author. Just looking at the covers of her books make you at the same time curious and happy. And once opened those... Continue Reading →

Meet your next favorite author: Trisha J Kelly

Recently I read ’24 Sleeps to Go’ by Trisha J. Kelly. This was such a joy. What a great imagination this author has! Trisha started writing books not so long ago. But she wrote in a roller-coaster tempo and published... Continue Reading →

Meet your next favorite author: Alma Hammond

Before I met Alma Hammond in different Facebook Author Groups, I read her book ‘Super Rooster and Wonder Cat‘ and I totally loved it. It gave me a sweet remembering of a beach walk I did when I was on... Continue Reading →

Meet your next favorite author: Sarah Northwood

Sarah Northwood is an author with many talents. She is also a dreamer and a believer, unicorns really do exist, she has seen them with her own eyes. So it is not surprising to see unicorns are appearing in her... Continue Reading →

Mrs Average video review of ‘Groundhog Secrets’

"In the beginning, I was a bit sniffy about the book, well, I didn't want to know much about groundhogs. But they are fascinating animals and I'm thrilled we read the book, it is wonderful and very visual. Lieve Snellings... Continue Reading →

Oshin Alagiyawanna at Meet Your Next Favorite Author

I found out about Oshin Alagiyawanna's book after meeting her father, wildlife photographer Dilum Alagiyawanna, in the Facebook group 'Authors and Artists Love Wildlife'. I loved Dilum Alagiyawanna's photos, but then he told me that not he, but his daughter has written this children's book... Continue Reading →

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