The Lady Tracey Radio Show interviews children’s book author and photographer Lieve Snellings

Lady Tracey interviews Lieve Snellings about her last children's books: WHY WE WEAR A MASK, and TIME FOR MARGOT TO GO TO BED. Don't worry if you missed it, you can see it here! Lady Tracey interviews an author in... Continue Reading →

Happy Holidays from Think Ahead Kids

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Finalist IAN Book Award 2021

I just received the news that WHY WE WEAR A MASK is a Finalist in the IAN (the Independent Author Network) Book Award 2021. Inform your kids without scaring while when having fun. http://smarturl.it/x1gr9v

Freelance Photographer Turned author

The Author Porch interviews Lieve Snellings Freelance Photographer Turned author, Lieve Snellings shares beautiful stories and brings them to life with her nature photography. Who is Lieve Snellings? Lieve Snellings is a Freelance Photographer Turned author. As a multi Award-winning... Continue Reading →

Invited at the Lady Tracey Radio Show

Meet Lieve Snellings. Lieve Snellings is a multi Award-winning Author and a retired freelance photographer/author who lives in Leuven (Belgium) and Quebec (Canada). Her series of picture books/children’s books featured with whimsical photo illustrations of wildlife, ‘Margot the Groundhog and... Continue Reading →

Winner Kidlit World Book Award 2021

How wonderful to receive another Book Award for 'Why We Wear a Mask', a children's non-fiction narrative. Unfortunately, up till now, it still is necessary to have a mask with us and wear it when needed.But I hope with all... Continue Reading →

‘Why We Wear a Mask’ won a Gold Medal in the Readers’ Favorite Book Award 2021

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A fascinating story. Simple words and adorable photographs. The perfect guide to inform your kids about Covid-19 without scaring them.

Blogpost EUGENIA CHU Margot and friends are back!!! This latest book by children’s author and nature photographer, Lieve Snellings from Belgium, stands out! A fable in which various animals explain what we can do against the spread of the coronavirus. Lieve... Continue Reading →

Lieve Snellings laat dieren spreken

Plus Magazine, April 2021 MENSEN / ZO BEN IK ELLIE MAEREVOET Een moeilijke boodschap laat je nog het best overbrengen door schattige diertjes. En zeker als je een archief vol fantastische foto’s hebt van rode eekhoorns en bosmarmotten. De diertjes... Continue Reading →

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